The Benefits of
Camellia Flower
Oil for Hair

“How do I get healthy, nourished hair?” If you're reading this article, chances are you've asked this question at least once in your life. You’re not alone! Many hair enthusiasts have reached the same conclusion – oils. Certain oils, like Camellia flower oil, can significantly nourish and bolster hair health. Read on to learn more about this amazing ingredient.

What is Camellia Flower Oil?

Derived from the exquisite Camellia oleifera plant, Camellia flower oil is affectionately referred to as “the Japanese rose,” cherished by nobility throughout history for its fragrant, white or pink flowers that blossom in late fall or early winter. When it begins to flower, seed pods frequently crack open, allowing for the extraction and harvesting of their premium-quality oil. Esteemed for centuries, this oil has been used in beauty regimens and cooking alike.

Is Camellia Flower Oil Good for Hair?

Short answer – yes! Ever wondered why your hair feels a little less resilient after frequent washing? The truth is that internal lipids like Oleic Acid, play a vital role in your hair health. They act as a glue to hold protein structure together and make strands softer and more pliable. Sadly, over time, these important lipids are lost due to washing and coloring. * The good news is that the composition of Camellia flower oil closely resembles these fatty acids. In fact, it boasts a rich concentration of a compound known as C18 :1 triglyceride, akin to your hair's friend, Oleic Acid. Upon application, it naturally seeks to replenish the depleted areas within the hair shaft. So, when looking for a nutrient-rich oil to restore lost lipids, Camellia flower oil can be a great choice.

*Overall lipid loss is significant. E.g. 24% after 100 washes, 23% after 5 colors, 34% after 5 colors and 100 washes.

What Makes Camellia Flower Oil Special?

Ever noticed how shea butter and coconut oil become solid and clumpy at room temperature? That's because they have high overall levels of saturated triglycerides. But camellia flower oil? Its natural state is liquid and free flowing, making it easy to work with.

These are just some of the benefits that Camellia flower oil may have on your hair.


Rich in fatty acids, camellia flower oil may hydrate parched locks.


Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, it may replenish depleted strands.


Hydrated hair means less breakage and flyways.

How to Incorporate Camellia Flower Oil into Your Routine

Now that you know the science behind this incredible ingredient — let's talk about how you can add it into your hair care routine. One of the easiest ways — and our personal favorite — is through a Camellia flower oil-infused shampoo and conditioner. Our deeply nourishing Frizz Control line incorporates this incredible ingredient. It mimics your hair’s natural oils, so it instantly absorbs without weighing your mane down.

Try Camellia flower oil out for yourself to see the difference. Bring on healthier, more nourished locks. If you’re yearning for more hair insights, check out our full blog for additional tips and tricks to take your routine (and hair) to the next level.