Color Protect Shampoo:
How Do They Work to
Keep Your Hair Vibrant?

There's nothing quite as disheartening as investing hours (and a good chunk of your bank account) into coloring your hair at the salon, only to find that after a few washes, the color starts to lose its luster. It's a disappointing moment when your vibrant red begins to fade into a washed-out pink, or your golden blonde takes on an unwanted brassy tone, or your caramel locks lose their shine.

Here's the thing: color-treated hair is far more vulnerable to damage and fading than natural locks. The harsh processes of bleaching and dyeing can significantly compromise the structure of your hair, leaving it more prone to environmental stress. That's why colored hair requires a little extra TLC to maintain its vibrant hue.

Things That Can Impact Colored Hair

The reality is, numerous factors can strip away the vibrancy of your newly dyed hair. Here are just a few culprits that, unfortunately, can shorten the lifespan of your color. Keep these in mind and take proactive steps to protect your hair's hue for as long as possible.


Exposure to UV radiation can damage your hair follicles, causing not only loss of color but also decrease luster and overall strength.


Found mainly in swimming pools, chlorine can strip away your hair’s natural oils and cause discoloration, especially in lighter shades like blonde.

Excessive Heat

Using a heat tool can cause more damage than natural methods, potentially leading to yellowing of white hair and darkening of bleached locks.

How to Best Protect Hair Color

The secret to maintaining the vibrancy of your hair color, just as it looked when you left the salon, lies in treating it with care. Here are a few essential tips to keep in mind after your appointment.

Cut Down on Washing

Embrace less wash days to allow your hair to retain its natural oils and that gorgeous color.

Ease Up on Heat Styling

Give your hair a break from the heat by opting for air-drying and heatless styling methods. Consider braiding your hair overnight for effortless waves in the morning, sans the curling iron.

Embrace Products Made for Colored Tresses

Look out for color-protecting products like our Color Nurture Shampoo. Formulated specifically for color-treated hair, it helps to protect strands from damage to replenish softness to keep your color looking vibrant. Pair with a color-protecting conditioner like our Color Nurture Conditioner to help your color look even more radiant. Both are infused with the luxurious scent of Moroccan roses for a delightful experience every time you wash. Your hair deserves nothing but the best!

If you're rocking dyed hair or planning to, remember these tips to maintain that salon-fresh vibrancy. Want more fabulous hair advice? Keep on reading our full blog for additional tips and tricks.