Why is My Hair So
Flat and Limp After

Does your hair lose its luster after your wash? It happens to the best of us: we step out of the shower, do our usual hair routine, and our strands just seem a little lanky and lackluster. While this might be happening for a few reasons, the good news is that they’re usually easy fixes. Read on to learn how to turn your post-shower hair into your best hair.

What Causes Post-wash Flat Hair?

  1. The wrong products. Maybe you bought your shampoo and conditioner during the summer, when humidity was high. Maybe you borrowed it from your friend, who has thicker strands than you do. Maybe you have a new style or color. Whatever the cause, the most common culprit for post-wash lankiness is products that are too heavy in oils, moisturizers, and other ingredients that weigh down your look. The fix. This one’s simple: swap to a lightweight, volumizing shampoo and conditioner like Herbal Essences Orange Blossom Collection. These formulas are designed to give your hair lift

  2. Overdoing the conditioner. Many hair types only need conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends. Conditioning the scalp can cause the hair there to get oily quickly, weighing it down and making your overall look a little limp.
    The fix. Shampoo the roots and condition the mid-shaft through your ends. Easy peasy!

  3. Bad blow drying technique. Blow drying the right way can give our strands extra lift; blow drying the wrong way can flatten our hair.

The fix. Start your blow-dry by flipping your head over and drying your roots upside down, giving them a natural boost. When that’s dry, finish by blow drying your mid-shaft through ends with a brush, being careful not to pull or tug your hair down. You can help this process along by incorporating a volumizing mousse, like our Volumizing Hair Mousse Foam.

As annoying as getting flat hair after washing is, it’s usually a quick fix! Find other hair tips and tricks, plus product recommendations, ingredient breakdowns, and more on our blog.