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1 Bottle Purchased = 1 Meal Donated

Help us empower communities with lasting resources.

Ingredients matter, and so do the people who grow them. That’s why Herbal Essences® and its partners are helping guar farmers provide food for their families by building kitchen gardens. In April, every bottle purchased equals one meal donated.

The Sustainable Guar Initiative

P&G Beauty has joined Solvay and TechnoServe India in the Sustainable Guar Initiative. The initiative is designed to accelerate sustainable growth of guar at scale, empower women farmers, and improve the livelihoods of smallholder guar bean farmers in India.

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More about guar

Guar gum is a natural polymer that is derived to provide conditioning and softening benefits in beauty products like shampoos and body washes. In shampoos, it targets and helps repair the damaged areas of hair, restoring softness and manageability. It also plays an important role in helping to distribute anti-dandruff active ingredients on the scalp to prevent dandruff. In the case of body wash, it helps moisturizing actives stay on the skin to help restore and maintain a healthy moisture balance.

The total donation will be calculated based upon the number of P&G participating products sold from April 1, 2023, until May 15, 2023, at Walmart, Target, Meijer, Kroger, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and Family Dollar. For every bottle sold, P&G will donate $0.10 to TNS. For every $0.10 received by TNS from P&G, TNS will help establish organic kitchen gardens for farmers in Rajasthan as part of the Sustainable Guar Initiative Project. The $0.10 donation will provide one meal of organic kitchen vegetables for one guar farmer and their families in the area of Rajasthan, India as part of the Sustainable Guar Initiative Donation Project. The anticipated donation is $75,000. In the event that the donation amount exceed $75,000, the parties will mutually agree to an alternative use of funds “within” the Sustainable Guar Initiative.