The Benefits of Hemp
Seed Oil for Hair

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At Herbal Essences, we're obsessed with helping your authentic beauty shine. We know that this requires high-quality ingredients as real as you, such as hemp seed oil. If you’re new to the cosmetic benefits of hemp, no worries. Allow us to be your guide into the world of hemp hair products.

Why Use Hemp Seed Oil for Hair

Hemp is a plant known for its ability to thrive in almost all types of weather, and we borrow these hardy qualities to help your hair look and feel healthy, whether it’s being blasted with heat or whipped in the cold air.

Hemp seed oil can aid in protecting your locks from heated styling tools, and it can nourish your stands to help them withstand harsh winter weather and wind. It can also help reinvigorate your locks after using hair dye, without stripping its new vibrancy. An added benefit of using hemp seed oil is that it helps hydrate hair for fantastic frizz control. Add hemp seed oil to your routine and finally get those dead ends out of your hair.

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil for Hair

As if getting silky hair with hemp seed oil wasn’t easy enough, it’s also easy to apply. Simply work a few drops of the oil into your hair prior to washing or after styling for a soft, sleek finish to your look. If you apply the oil directly to damp hair before styling, we recommend avoiding hot tools – oil and heat are not friends when it comes to your hair.

Feeling a self-care night? Try making a hair mask using hemp seed oil, avocado oil, aloe vera and warm honey. Massage the mixture thoroughly into your scalp and strands, letting it rest for 20-30 minutes. Afterwards, be sure to wash out the mixture using shampoo and then condition as usual.

If frizz is not kind to your strands like it is for many of us, hemp seed oil could be your new hero. For a quick and easy frizz fix, add a few drops of hemp seed oil to a spray bottle with water (about 1 cup). Add a couple dashes of essential oil for a fresh scent as well. Lightly spray the mixture onto dry, styled hair, brushing it through to ensure complete coverage. You’ll be ready to confidently step back into the world, rain or shine.

Need something even simpler? Fortunately, there are products made with hemp seed oil already incorporated. For a hydrating blend designed to nourish and control frizz, try Herbal Essences’ bio:renew Hemp Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo. Pair it with our Hemp oil Sulfate Free Conditioner for ultimate manageability, suppleness and shine.

Crafted ingredients like hemp seed oil make a difference that you can feel. Herbal Essences’ formulas using ingredients from nature are made to make you look and feel your most authentic self. You can’t go wrong with that double duo. Explore all of our botanical products at our website.