Hair Volume 101:
What Is It and What
Does It Mean?

Picture this: You've spent precious time styling your hair, only to watch it deflate at the first sign of humidity. There’s nothing more frustrating: we get it. Whether you’re battling fine, limp strands or seeking to maintain the visible bounce in your curly mane, the search for voluminous hair can be a struggle.

What is Volume in Hair?

What does hair volume actually mean? Let’s break it down. The truth is that it isn’t just about how much hair you have on your head. It’s about how full and bouncy your hair truly looks to the naked eye.

Visible volume means that when your locks catch the light, it gives off a sense of thickness and life. The good news is that no matter if you have straight, curly, coily, thin or thick hair, achieving volume is possible. Think of it like a magic trick — all we have to do is create an illusion of fullness.

How to Achieve Hair Volume

The key to volumized hair is keeping your locks healthy and maintained. Think of it this way: unhealthy, dry and damaged hair can easily overshadow any attempts at achieving volume. So, step one: prioritize your overall hair health.

Elevate Your Hair Care Routine:

Achieving hair volume starts with the right foundation – your hair care products. Say goodbye to products that weigh your hair down and instead bring in a quality shampoo. The key? A sulfate-free variety that is infused with volume-boosting properties. Check out our Passion Flower Sulfate-Free Shampoo to gently cleanse, nourish and enhance fullness.

Nourish Inside Out

Complement your hydrating shampoo with our Passion Flower Sulfate-Free Volume Conditioner to deeply nourish locks without weighing it down. Keeping your strands moisturized will set the stage for volume.

Mask Up

Treat your tresses to a restorative hair mask to hydrate locks inside out. Check out our Sulfate Free Argan Oil & Aloe Repairing Hair Mask to help restore, repair and smooth frizz — so you can style and add volume to healthy locks.

Now that you've mastered your hair care routine and are well on your way to healthier locks, it's time to enhance your styling arsenal with a few extras designed to boost volume.

Add Texture

The best way to add volume to your strands, especially if you have straight or thin locks, is through a texturizing spray like this one for wavy hair. Simply scrunch into damp or dried hair to give it added dimension which will make it appear that much more volumized.

Keep it Bouncy

After styling, one of the best ways to keep your mane looking voluminous is with a quick-hold hairspray like our Touchable Hold Hairspray with Frizz Control. It will lock in your style and ensure that your volume stays put for longer. You’ll experience fewer ‘Did my hair just deflate?’ moments every time you step outside.

The secret to hair volume? Keeping your locks as healthy as possible with a hair care routine that works for you. Plus, volumizing add-ons that do the heavy lifting for you. With the right tools in your kit, voluminous hair is no longer a dream. Learn more tips and tricks to keeping your hair looking its best here.