Making Beauty
More Inclusive

Herbal Essences® is making the world a little easier for people with vision impairment.

On every bottle of Herbal Essences are a series of raised lines or dots that help shoppers with vision impairment differentiate between the brand’s shampoos and conditioners. These simple symbols, known as tactile markers, also can help people who have a first language other than English.

We launched this packaging innovation in 2019 as one of the very first brands to remove barriers in the hair care aisle for people with disabilities. Today, we continue to explore ways to make our products more accessible.

It’s all part of a bigger commitment from Procter & Gamble to make the entire beauty category increasingly inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

Learn more about our efforts from Sam Latif, P&G’s Accessibility Leader

“It’s just a little thing—but there are hundreds of these little things that we have to spend time looking for every day.”

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